NaNoWriMo update, 11/12

I had high hopes for this week. I’d gotten off to a slow start on the second novel (tentatively titled Following Seas, which is a thing we used to say in the Coast Guard, which fits because the novel is based on my time in that august branch of the service) last week, but I figured a strong showing this week could help me claw my way back on track.

Of course, on Monday I started a brand-new job, which is always an overwhelming experience, so mentally sorting through it all was already taking up valuable processing resources inside my brain. Still, I figured I could write through that without much problem.

And then Tuesday happened.

Without getting further into it, this election was a devastating shitshow made more traumatic by the fact that it was so totally unexpected (as if having an unqualified, unserious and unstable narcissist chosen to lead the most powerful country on earth wasn’t traumatic enough on its own, right?). It completely toxified my mentality, and I had a lot of difficulty finding the kind of headspace that would allow me to write. In fact, writing a novel suddenly came to look like one of the most frivolous uses of my time imaginable. How could I sit around and make up stories when … well, when the shit finally, really hit the fan? What was the goddamn point, really?

But really, that’s just an excuse. Writers write, and I could have tried harder to power through it. Besides, there isn’t anything I can do about a Trump presidency, at least not a) on my own, and b) right this minute. So maybe, just maybe, I should focus on what I’m good at and what I actually want to do with some of the time I have on this planet (as opposed to things I have to do, or am obligated to do).

So yeah, NaNoWriMo is basically blown for me this year, at least as far as the goal of writing a complete first draft goes. But I’m going to keep going, and use the rest of the month to re-discover the writing routines I used to finish my first novel. My goal is between 1500 and 2000 words each day, which means something like 10,000 to 14,000 words per week. If I can keep that up, I should have a first draft written in about seven weeks or so.

This week’s word count total: 2500
Total word count so far: ~7800



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