New fiction: “The System Never Fails”

My latest story was published on Monday by Akashic Books, in their Mondays are Murder series. (I would have written this post on Monday instead of today, but I was traveling without a computer, and I’m not incredibly comfortable with the WordPress mobile app for some reason, so I just waited until I got home.)

I’m a big fan of Akashic’s line of city- or region-based noir fiction anthologies (of the dozen or so that I’ve read, my favorite so far is Lone Star Noir), so placing a story here was something I’d been wanting to do for a while. There are only three requirements: first, it has to be noir, or at least has to meet the editors’ admittedly subjective definition of that term; second, it has to be tied to a specific place, and should be a story that could only happen in that specific place; and third, it cannot exceed 750 words.

I set this story in early 1990s Tampa, back when jai alai was still a going concern on south Dale Mabry. I spent most of my important growing-up years in that city, and I’ve long felt it’s an under-explored setting for noir, crime and other generally darker fiction.

So yeah, I’m pretty pleased about this one, and I hope you enjoy reading it. Find it here.

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