#NaNoWriMo update number 2

So today and yesterday have been slow going. I’m on Chapter Eight, which is the first (and may end up being the only) chapter written from the POV of the captain of the ship. I’m not entirely certain why this one has been so maddening, but the first draft mojo that carried me through the first seven chapters seems to have evaporated. Writing this chapter has been like a day trip to the DMV, and I hope to finish it tomorrow so I can get to Chapter Nine and close out Part Two (out of five) of the novel.

Stats so far: 25,000 words, about 6500 of which already existed. So call it 18,500 for the month then. The total word count so far works out to about 90 pages or so, and I’m on track for a first draft total word count of about 70,000 (I seem to write short first drafts; with How I’m Spending My Afterlife, the first draft was about 65,000 words, but the published version ended up with 82,000).

Next update (but probably not the next blog post) will be sometime next week.

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