Singing Spoons: “Resin Cabin”

The Spoons were the postpunky standard-bearers of the Tallahassee scene, back when there was such a thing (so, I guess around 1990 or so)—and boy, did these guys love them some Husker Du. Of course, Bob Mould could actually sing; the Spoons never really overcome their shortcomings in that department, but they do manage to make them irrelevant in the context of a great record. The guitars grind all the way through, and while one could be forgiven for lumping them together with the then-nascent grunge scene, the songs deviate enough from the standard templates of the day (“Spaceman,” “#5”)  to keep it interesting. Way more people should have bought this, if only to discourage Tallahassee from giving us Creed a decade later.