These are my records: News of the World

Queen: “News of the World”

This album provides exactly zero help in answering the question, “so what kind of music does Queen play anyway?” It’s the mishmashiest mishmash of styles, but nobody gives a shit, because Queen. Best tracks include “Sheer Heart Attack” (two minutes of loud hyperspeed punk with harmonized vocals), “Fight From the Inside” (gritty downtown back-alley funk), and “It’s Late” (bathos-and-blues breakup song).

These are my records: Taking Liberties 

Elvis Costello: “Taking Liberties”

Like most collections of rarities, B-sides and previously unreleased tracks, there are a lot of great songs on this album (which crams 20 tracks onto one slab of vinyl) – but that doesn’t make it a great album. Costello’s fascination with American country music was already evident in 1980 – long before country was cool – but those tracks (“Radio Sweetheart,” “Black & White World,” “Stranger in the House”) just don’t mesh well with the more punk-infused New Wave cuts like “Clean Money,” which kicks off side 1. Still, there’s enough interesting material here to justify repeat listenings.