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23 May 2022: I have a new story in Back Road Bobby and His Friends, a new entry in the 509 series of crime fiction anthologies edited by Colin Conway. There are plenty of great stories in this one, and I recommend it highly.

01 December 2021: I was a guest on the Wrong Place, Write Crime podcast, talking to Frank about my book and a whole host of other nonsense. Give it a listen, whydontcha?

11 November 2021: The November issue of my newsletter is out. Find it here, and if you dig it, please share and subscribe.

09 November 2021: My friend Christina Robinson hosted my first virtual event for How I’m Spending My Afterlife. We recorded it, so if you weren’t able to make it, I’ll put the link here when I get it.

16 October 2021: I was a guest on Textual Healing with Mallory Smart, where we chatted about apartment living, Steely Dan, and also writing and stuff. It was great fun.

05 October 2021: I’m in monkeybicycle today, explaining what my book would be if it were not a book. (If that sounds confusing or needlessly cryptic, just click through and read it, whydontcha.)

01 October 2021: I was a guest on the Downtown Writer’s Jam podcast, which you can get in either audio or video form here.

10 September 2021: I spoke to Hurley Winkler for her Lonely Victories newsletter, about the circuitous route How I’m Spending My Afterlife took from being self-published to landing with an indie press four years later. (You should definitely subscribe to her newsletter, btw.)

07 September 2021: It’s publication day for How I’m Spending My Afterlife! Find it online at Bookshop.org or Amazon, or just go to your local independent bookstore and ask for it there. (They’d probably appreciate the business.)

03 September 2021: I spoke to Hypertext Magazine about unlikeable protagonists in fiction.

31 August 2021: I’m a guest on this week’s episode of This Podcast Will Change Your Life.

30 August 2021: I spoke to LitReactor about some things. You can read the interview here.

22 August 2021: I’m featured this week on the @mugshot_writers Instagram account, talking about my ancient Detroit Tigers coffee mug. It’s way better than I make it sound, I promise.

14 August 2021: The good folks at the Hawai’i Pacific Review have posted an excerpt from How I’m Spending My Afterlife, which you can read here.

08 July 2021: I’ve decided to jump aboard the next big thing and start a Substack newsletter. It’s once a month, and it will contain news about me and my work, thoughts and advice about writing, a rundown on what I’ve been reading, and a fresh piece of content reminiscent of what used to appear right here on this blog. Click on through, check it out, and subscribe, won’t you?